Baba's Match Reports

Harlequins V Barbarians, BWWPL Presidents Cup

(From a Barbarians point of view)


You quite often find players from both Harlequin and Barbarians in the same water polo tank, but that is normally because they train together on certain nights of the week. Last night, however, saw the two teams square up against each other for a competitive match in the BWWPL Presidents (Handicap) Cup Quarter Final. It was a Harlequins home match, in the historic Bristol South pool, which, due to its comparative narrowness, took away some of the advantage Barbarians would have in Hengrove, for their open play, but this was also reflected in the Handicap. Harlequins opened the match with a 15 goal Handicap head start.


Hubble stepped up for the swim off, and won the ball, passing it back to Sissons, who controlled his half of the pool, allowing the rest of the team to continue forward and set up. Two passes later, and just 18 seconds into the match, Brown opened the scoring for Barbarians. Harlequins 15 – 1 Barbarians. Both sides settled down and traded attacking opportunities and it took another 1 ½ minutes before Hume found himself in control of the ball in front of the goal in space, allowing him to fake and score. This was followed by goals from Hubble, Sissons and Tod over the next 2 minutes. Brown the scored two counter attack goals in quick succession, for his hattrick of the quarter, leaving the score at Harlequins 15 – 7 Barbarians at the end of the quarter.


The second quarter saw Harlequins win the Swim off and Sissons majored as he defended the pit. Controlled man-down defence saw Barbarians regain the ball and set off in the counterattack, resulting in a pass from the Ford, in goal, to Tod who flicked it onto Brown, who found himself in oodles of space allowing him to place the ball, with precision, into the corner of the net. Hume scored the next, then Hubble, then another for Brown. Sissons scored the next, then Brown, for his hattrick for the quarter, then Sissons again. Half time score Harlequins 15 – 14 Barbarians.


The second half opened as the first had closed, with Barbarians scoring through Brown to bring the scores level at 15 all. The major count started to grow now, as frustration from certain areas was building. Brown scored again. The Harlequins set up a well structured attack, which resulted in Yannis slotting a goal, to bring the scores level once more. Tod scored the next one, and then promptly gave away a penalty. Ford gathered himself in goal and saved the Harlequins shot, and calmly cleared his lines. Sissons scored the next one.


Harlequins’ King was excluded, for the third time, but rather than swim to the exclusion area, he decided to finish his chat with Tod, which resulted in a Brutality for King. McNab stepped up for the penalty, which resulted in some horseplay from the Harlequins Bench, and the Ref’s reached for their cards again and Dorrington left the pool. The Barbarians bench clapped Dorrington out of the pool, and another card was produced, the Barbarians Head Coach taking a yellow for the Bench. McNab stepped in to take the penalty, but took too long, so the ball was turned over. Normal play resumed. Bray scored for Harlequins, followed by Brown and Hubble scoring for Barbarians, Browns Hattrick, three in three quarters. Coleman scored another for Harlequins and Sissons closed the quarter for Barbarians with another goal. Harlequins 18 – 21 Barbarians.


Hubble scored the first in the fourth quarter. The juniors started to influence the play more, combining with the two rocks, Hume and Sissons, and there followed by a hattrick for Hume, 3 goals in two minutes, he was on fire and the juniors were providing the fuel. Sullivan claimed the next goal, followed by the fifth for Hubble, and Sissons again closed the quarter with a stylish counterattack goal to show how much he had left after a full four quarters. Final score, Harlequins 18 – 28 Barbarians.


All in all, a very disciplined and structured performance for Barbarians, with Hume and Sissons providing the platform on which Brown and Hubble were able to shine. The Juniors, McNab, Cruttenden, Sullivan and Ashworth all put in very respectable shifts, helping the team work and visibly growing in their own confidence as the game progressed. The fact that the Juniors were playing against men, probably 2 or 3 times their age and at least half as big again, did not phase them. Great effort lads.


Well done to all, and we can’t wait to see who we will face in the semi-finals.

Taunton 11 v 14 Barbarians


City of Bristol Barbarians travelled to Taunton on Sunday evening to take on Taunton in the BWWPL Division 1. Barbarians were aware that Taunton had improved a lot since the last time they played, indeed, Taunton beat Weston last weekend, showing that Taunton’s recent signings have made a big difference. That, coupled with the special features at Tauntons pool and three Barbarians stalwarts being unavailable, made for an interesting challenge.


Barbarians opened the account, with a swift goal from Brown, after the swim off. Newman was majored when Taunton attacked next, and the resultant man up was quickly finished with a gaol by Taunton’s Tomlinson. All of this in the first 28 seconds. The game then went into end to end defence and attack both teams making it difficult for the other side. Newman broke the deadlock with a goal, but this was responded to by a goal from Pryke to level the score. Hubble opened his personal account for Barbarians next, but again, Tomlinson drew the home team level after a man up after Brown was majored. Hubble and Brown added to their tally to finish the 1st quarter with the visitors leading 5 – 3.


The second quarter was end to end defence, both sides working hard. Tomlinson scored first for Taunton, to claim his hattrick, followed by Barbarians goals from Mopo, then Brown for his hattrick. Half time score was 4 – 7.


The second half opened with three quick fire goals from Taunton, from Noyce and a pair from Pryke, to claim his hattrick, to level the score at 7 – 7. Hubble claimed a stylish counter attack goal, having enough space to dummy the Taunton goalie until his legs let him down, to give the lead back to Barbarians. This was short lived as Barratt scored to bring Taunton back level at the end of the third, 8 – 8.


The final quarter opened with Tomlinson regaining the lead for Taunton, but again, this was short lived. The team talk for Barbarians during the break appeared to have worked, and Newman quickly scored to bring Barbarians back, followed by a goal from Hubble and 4 from Brown, mainly on the counter attack.


With the score at 9 – 14, Barbarians allowed their Juniors to flood the field and play out the match. Taunton scored twice in the final minutes, through Edwards and Campton, but it was too little, too late, and the score finished at 11 – 14.


On Thursday Barbarians travel to Wales to play Cwm Draig (the Dragons) which, if they win, will see Barbarians claim the title for the Division with a game in hand. Good luck Barbarians.  

Barbarians 24 - 16 Frome


Frome travelled to Bristol last night to take on Barbarians in in this return leg of the top of the table clash. Barbarians knew that Frome would be seeking revenge after the last fixture, and Frome were fielding a stronger side to take on the Bristolians this time.


Frome opened the scoring, showing their determination, with a goal only 18 seconds into the match. Barbarians replied only 8 second later with a fast drive from Hubble, who received and shot for a goal. Hubble scored the next one as well, 30 second later, on the counter attack after barbarians stole the ball from Frome. Charlie Tod gave away a major in the next play, and Frome showed their class by converting the man-up into a great goal. Charlie Tod redeemed himself by scoring Barbarians next goal on a man-up. Hubble got his hattrick on the next counter, and only just over 2 minutes had been played.


Play slowed a bit for the next few minutes, and both teams displayed great defence on man-downs to stop goals. Charlie Tod stepped in at the 4 minute point to shoot into the corner of the goal for Barbarians next goal. Brown scored next, having frightened the goal several times before, on a great counter just before the end of the period. 6 – 2 to Barbarians.


Frome opened the second quarter with a goal just 14 second in. Hubble scored the return 30 second later. Bit of a pattern. Sissons was next to score for Barbarians, followed by Frome’s Poole scoring. Brown was now in his stride and scored his second and third 26 second apart, both great counter attack efforts. Poole clawed one back for Frome in the next move. Hubble and Sissons added to their score tally and the stage was set to start introducing the Juniors into the Barbarians play. Jack and Ben were the first two of the youngsters into the water.


Jack Tod gave away a major next, from which Hodges scored for Frome. This was followed by Brown scoring another counter-attack. Ben gave away the next major, but Barbarians defended well, and then allowed Newman to score on the next counter. Halftime score 14 – 7.


More juniors entered the game for Barbarians in the second half, with Josh and Joe working hard in defence, and Josh cutting loose on the counter several times. Sissons opened the scoring for Barbarians, followed by Newman. Then Frome’s Charlie Hinder claimed on back, only for Josh find the back of the net with his next shot. Frome gave away a major and the Barbarians juniors set up the man-up well, allowing Brown to score. Brown then scored again on the counter attack. Hinder pulled two goals back for Frome just before the end of the third. 19 – 10.


The final quarter saw the Juniors in the pool for Barbarians, supported by Sissons and Hubble. Frome gave away an early penalty, which Joe, under a lot of pressure, scored. Joe then scored his second in open play, followed by Hubble scoring his sixth of the game. Poole came into his own in this quarter and added to Frome’s score, to have Josh claim one back for Barbarians, then Poole score again. Hinder claimed the next one for Frome, followed by a pair for Poole, four for the quarter and six for the match. Barbarians settled themselves and started to defend and counter again, another goal to Joe then one for Newman. Hinder then scored again, six for the match and this finished the quarter and game off


Final score, Barbarians 24 – 16 Frome.

Swindon 9 – 19 Barbarians


Sunday evening found nine players from the Barbarians squad in Swindon. We always knew that this was going to be a tough physical encounter and so the decision had been made early on to mainly take senior players, so as to not expose the Junior members of the squad to the intense nature of the physical contest of Swindon. However, for what ever reasons, last minute unavailability saw the Barbarians team seriously depleted.


The average age of the guys, although seniors, was still well below 19, but a fit 19, which we would have to use to our advantage. We were aware that Swindon were older and larger than all of our players, so we would have to work very hard in the press and then rely upon our counter attack, where our fitness and speed should show through.


Excitement got the better of us, and the first quarter started with a swift exclusion for Chadders, followed by another almost immediately for Hubble, and the resultant double man down, saw Swindon take an early lead within the first 30 seconds of the match. We lost the ball quickly in our next set attack, but defended Swindon’s pressue well, then Brown found himself free on the counter, and scored to level the game. The ball changed hands several times over the next few minutes, but our defence was strong, and the counter attacks started to show, with goals from Hubble, Morley and Chadders. This unfortunately, was Chadders’ last action of the game as he was wrapped shortly after this. One more counter attack goal from Brown saw the quarter end 1 – 5.


The second quarter opened as the first had ended, a quick counter from Brown, scoring his hattrick. A hattrick of goals for Hubble followed over the next 3 minutes, but 2 goals clawed back for Swindon. Hubble scored another to take him to 5 for the match so far, but then he received his 3rd exclusion, which saw him leave the game, and the Barbarians bench empty of Subs. Swindon scored one more, to close the half at 4 – 10.


So, the second half started win Barbarians fielding 7 players in the water and no subs to help, but these seven dug deep and prepared for hard work. The game flowed to both ends, for almost the first 2 minutes, until Brown broke the deadlock with a great counter attack goal, followed by another, before Swindon clawed one back. The Swindon coach then received a yellow card for his over exuberance, and he quietened down. Brown scored again, to give him a hattrick for the quarter, before Swindon clawed another back. The quarter finished 7 – 13.


The final quarter found the Barbarians magnificent seven quite tired, but still determined. Some dogged defence held Swindon for the first minute and half, before Brown found himself free on the counter and scored a belter after playing with the Swindon goalie. Swindon grabbed a quick goal less than 10 second later. Next it was the turn of J. Tod scoring on the man-up, followed by Brown scoring on another counter. Morley scored from a Man -up, which was again followed by Brown scoring on the counter, to claim a hattrick in this quarter as well, giving him 9 for the match. Morley scored his hattrick for the match a minute later. Swindon closed the match with a final score, but it was too little too late. The match closed with the Final score of 9 – 19.

A special mention must be made about Dorrington, who was on loan to us from the Junior B's, making his debut for the Barbarians, having never played at this level before. Dorrington stuck to his work manfully for the first quarter (when he was in the shallow end) and was even seen to leave the floor of the pool on one occasion, (but he later admitted that this was when something touched his leg and frightened him.) In the deep end it was a different matter, and Dorrington lived up to his nickname of "Puffer Fish" brilliantly, frightening the Swindon attackers with his "War Face" if they came to close. It was romoured that Dorrington even got an arm out of the water, above his head, at one point, but this was later confirmed to be as he climbed out of the pool (via the steps). All in all, a great debut for Dorrington, who, we hope to see a lot more of in the future.


Barbarians have a week without a match, before they welcome Frome to Hengrove on the 23rd May, to play the return fixture.

Barbarians 26 – 3 Taunton


Thursday evening’s second match in Hengrove saw Barbarians taking on Taunton Men in Division 1 of the BWWPL. Taunton admitted that they were fielding an under strength side, missing three of their best players, but all credit to Taunton, they still turned out to fulfil the fixture as planned.


Barbarians took the opportunity to play more of their aspiring Juniors, and tonight saw two thirds of the team under 18, and no Centre Back talisman, John Sissons. Nick Hume, however, was available and acted as the rock around which Barbarians could play.


The game plan was to try to establish a good base early on in the game and then introduce more and more of the Juniors to the match as play progressed. The seniors within the team took to the water with this plan firmly in their minds and played to achieve it.


Hubble scored in the first attack, just 20 seconds into the match, and Barbarians were off. Brown followed this up with two great counter attack goals in the next minute. There then followed some strong defence, and another counter attack, which saw D Morley power a shot past the Taunton Goalie. Brown scored his third of the quarter just over 30 seconds later. Newman found himself clear on the next counter attack and received a great cross care pass from Brown, allowing Newman to just flick the ball into the back of the net. 4 minutes played, 6 – 0 score.


Two of the seniors got out of the pool, making way for two of the Juniors. 30 seconds later, Brown found himself in heaps of space, and faked in front of the keep until the keepers legs gave way, before Brown finished his 4th goal of the quarter. Tod found himself clear on the next counter attack and scored from a great cross pitch pass. 20 second later, Hubble found himself in front of goal as the ball was passed, to allow him to catch and shoot in one move and score Bristol’s 9th. Hume scored the next from his strong work in the pit. Taunton clawed one back in the last 3 seconds of the quarter, to see the score 10 – 1 at the break.


The second quarter saw Barbarians start to have fun, which is never a good thing, all composure, structure and balance was lost. The guys started to try individual work rather than team work and the first 2 minutes were scoreless. That having been said, Brown scored a hattrick in the quarter, backed up by Newman, Hubble and D. Morley all scoring one a piece. However, probably twice that number were missed or just finished badly due to the lack of composure. A quarter to not write home about, still the half time score was 16 – 1.


After the half time chat, it was decided to keep at least 3 juniors in the pool for them to gain the experience and I am very pleased to say that they performed well, Davis even scoring a great goal from the right wing. Other goals in the quarter were scored by Brown, D. Morley and Hume. Taunton snatched another goal following some good play from White. End of the third, 20 – 2.


The final quarter started with the Seniors back in and gaols from Newman, giving him his hattrick, and Brown, taking him to a total of 9 for the match. The rest of the quarter was given mainly to the Juniors, assisted by Hume to provide the strength and base for the other to play around. This didn’t start too well, with the Juniors displaying a definite lack of structure. a goal for Taunton followed, and a time out was called by Barbarians. The Juniors were taken out and replaced by the Seniors while the Coach had a chat with the Juniors, who, after a goal from D. Morley, taking him to 4 for the match, replaced the Seniors for the rest of the quarter, and showed that they could compete. Goals from Sullivan, Thompson and a final one from Hubble showed they are more than capable of competing at this level.


Final score 26 – 3.

Frome 10 – Barbarians 14


City of Bristol Barbarians travelled to Frome knowing that this was probably going to be their toughest match of the season. Both teams have not lost a match in the League Division 1 so far this year, and “Fortress Frome” is well known as a stronghold which teams, quite rightly, travel to with some trepidation. Frome had been kind to Barbarians and allowed half of their starting 7 the night off, but they still had plenty of strength in depth.


The game started with a quick reminder of why Frome, until this season, have spent many years in the top division of the BWWPL, with a goal for Frome in the first 25 seconds. After this shock, Barbarians picked up their defence and held Frome with some strong man marking, until a steal of the ball from Frome allowed Barbarians to find Nick with space in front of the gaol, and he does not need to be asked twice, great goal to Nick, with just under 3 minutes played.


Less than a minute later, Frome had a player majored, and in the subsequent Man-Up, Barbarians Joe Hubble scored. Barbarians were now in their stride, and further un-answered goals, from Nathan Brown and Joe Hubble saw the quarter finish 1 – 4.


A minute into the second quarter saw Charlie Tod receive a great cross cage pass from Brown, to allow Tod to score. Less than a minute later Hubble was majored, and Frome capitalised on their Man-Up to score a great goal. Hubble redeemed himself 45 seconds later with a goal, but then received another major only 15 second later. Fortunately, Frome were not able to capitalise on this. The next 4 minutes saw great defence from both sides, with only one goal being scored by John Sissons for Barbarians to the two from Frome. Half time score 4 – 7.


The second half opened with Barbarians gaols from Jack Tod and Nathan Brown in normal play. Frome went Man-down after a major, which saw some quick reactions from Barbarians, to allow Hubble to claim his fourth goal of the match. This was answered quickly by Frome who brought the score to 5 – 10. A strong drive from Sissons found him in a lot of space in front of the goal, scoring after a few fakes to confuse the gaolie. Barbarians then gave away a penalty, which Frome converted. Frome gave away a major, which allowed Barbarians to set up and Sissons to score, for his hattrick. At the end of the third quarter the score was score 6 – 12.


The final quarter was an open affair with neither side running away with it. Frome claimed the first goal, which was replied to by Brown scoring his hattrick, closely followed by another for Brown. Frome clawed back three more unanswered goals over the next 2 minutes. Both teams missed capitalising on man-up situation in the last minute, and so the game closed Frome 10 – 14 Barbarians.


Barbarians 25 - 10 Weston-Super-Mare

Last night the Barbarians took on Weston-Super-Mare at home in Hengrove in the return leg of the BWWPL Division 1 clash. Barbarians once again fielded a side that had Juniors making up at least ½ of the players, to continue the Juniors journey into senior polo, and to allow their development and understanding of the game to increase.


Barbarians were looking for revenge after the recent draw in Weston-Super-Mare, less than 2 weeks ago, which saw that match finish 14 – 14, a result which disappointed the Barbarians Squad.


The match started well, with 2 goals for Barbarians within the first minute, the first from Jake quickly followed by Joe. Weston’s centre-back committed an exclusion foul shortly after this, and Barbarians were able to set-up their man up properly and after some passing around, Nathan found a shot option, which he converted well. 3 – 0 and less than 1 ½ minutes played. Weston scored a very quick response as they, quite rightly, punished Barbarians for becoming complacent. Goals were then traded for the rest of the quarter, with Jake and Joe both scoring their seconds, followed by a pearler from Nick to close the quarter, 6 – 3.


The second quarter became the Nathan and Joe show, with the two boys putting on a great display of finishing, with some excellent counter-attack goals. Whilst the rest of the team worked doggedly in defence to stop Weston scoring, Nathan slammed home three great counter attacks, following pin point passing from Will in goal, within the first 3 minutes of the quarter. Joe H then found his stride, and proceeded to score 5 goals in succession in the next 3 minutes. Just before the end of the quarter, Weston were able to claw one back, to finish the half at 14 – 4.


He second half opened with Nick scoring a well setup goal, followed by Barbarians giving away a penalty, which Weston converted well. The game flowed back and forth for the next few minutes, with both teams picking up a goal. Joe H scoring for Barbarians. Barbarians then regained their balance and took control of the game again, scoring 5 goals in the next 3 minutes, the first from Jack T, then Nick and Nathan, then Ben scored a well worked goal, backing his ability to shoot after walking the ball in. The final goal of the quarter came from Nathan to end the period on 21 – 6.


The final quarter saw the Juniors being given the field, allowing 5 Under 16s in the water at the same time, lead and inspired by Nick at centre-forward. The experience this gave the boys is excellent, and whilst it allowed Weston to score 4 goals, it gave the boys great experience in the difference between Junior and Senior polo. The boys were still able to carry out their drills and saw the necessity of playing structured polo when they were being out muscled in the water. Nick scored three well executed goals during the quarter. With 1 ½ minutes to play, a full team change was called, as some of the players on the bench were getting cold. Charlie scored a lovely lob over the Weston keeper, which turned out to be the last score of the match, with the game finishing 25 – 10.

Barbarians 20 - 5 Devonport

Barbarians took to the water last night, in action in the BWWPL Division 1, against Devonport Royals, who travelled to Bristol for the encounter. Barbarians are un-defeated so far in the season, (and the one draw we have had still rankles us), and the aim was to maintain the run. Once again, Barbarians fielded a team with over 1/2  of the players being Juniors. Tonight, we also had a special appearance from Nick Hume, who, coupled with the vast experience of John Sissions, would allow the Juniors to learn a lot.


The game started slowly, with the ball swapping hands and ends quite a few times, before Nathan was able to break the deadlock with a smart backhand to the rear of the net. This opened the flood gates, and Nathan scored a hat trick over the next 3 minutes, followed by one each from Joe and Nick to end the first quarter 5 – 0 up.


A little complacency built in when Joe scored his second early on in the second quarter, and this left our goal exposed, allowing Devonport to claw one back. This was quickly replied to by Nic, who got his second. These were followed by another pair of great counter attack goals from Nathan and another from Joe, against which, Devonport were only able to score one more. Half time saw the score at 10 – 2.


The third quarter went much the same way as the second, with 6 goals to Barbarians, against 2 from Devonport. Barbarians scorers were Jake, Dylan, another pair from Nathan, and then two of our Juniors, firstly, Joshua followed in a rebound and drove the ball smartly into the goal, followed by Jack scoring a cracking shot from 5 meters. End of the third quarter, the score was 16 - 4


The Juniors, from the second quarter, were having more and more game time, and keeping the momentum of Barbarians going well, controlled by Sam, who made a guest appearance to manage the team tonight.


The final quarter saw the Juniors involved more and more, mixed with the experience of John and Nick along with several of the other seniors. Goals from John and Nick proved this, but the master was the ever ready Nathan, who scored another pair of counter attack gaols in this quarter, taking his match tally to 9 goals. Devonport were able to respond with 1 goal in the quarter, resulting in a final score of 20 – 5.


Next Thursday, 4th April, Barbarians play Weston-Super-Mare, at home in Bristol, and the Barbarians will be seeking revenge for the draw last weekend, it should be an exciting match.

Weston-Super-Mare 14 - 14 Barbarians

City of Bristol Barbarians travelled to Hutton Moor Leisure Centre on Sunday 24th April to play Weston-Super-Mare in the BWWPL 1st Division. This was always going to be a tough fixture, given the comparative difference in knowledge, or rather lack, of shallow end Polo within the Barbarians squad, coupled with our continued desire to include the Juniors in the team for their experience and further development.


The game started with both sides trading goals, with the score tied at 4 -4 after 6 minutes of polo. The last minute allowed Barbarians to open a slight lead, with two quick fire goals before the end of the Quarter. Jake, Nathan and Yannis all scored one a piece, with John showing his strength in centre forward, claiming a hat-trick in the first quarter.


The second quarter opened with Weston clawing back the lead with two unanswered goals within the first 2 minutes. Weston then took the lead less than a minute later, which appeared to wake Barbarians up, and soon, through John, parity was reclaimed. Two more goals before half time, one each from Jake and Chadders, answered by only one more from Weston, saw Barbarians in the lead 8 – 9 at half time.


The third quarter saw Barbarians loose a few players, Charlie had already received 3 Majors, but this was followed by Jack and Nathan, both receiving their third and as such, not being able to take any further part in the game. Still, Barbarians extended their narrow lead, with goals from Chadders and Nathan (before he was excluded) and a pair from John. The score at the end of the third was 10 – 13.


The final quarter saw the Juniors stepping up to the mark, to defend the lead, however, after John received his third major, Barbarians were left with only 3 senior players in the water, with the Juniors covering the team. This meant that, with Weston’s far superior shallow end knowledge, the slowly pulled them selves back into the game. After 3 minutes of play the score was 12 – 13. Jonathan, aged 14, scored a belter of a shot in the 4th minute of the quarter, to increase the lead slightly, but still it was desperate defence.


With 1 minute left to play, Weston scored again, 13 – 14, and Barbarians dug in for the defence again. It was judged that Barbarians were taking too long to move forward with 15 seconds left to play, and the ball was turned over to Weston. Unfortunately, this proved too much for one of the excluded players, which made a rather rude comment, resulting in the award of a penalty to Weston, which they scored. All tied at 14 – 14 with 10 seconds to play.


This was how the match finished, a draw at 14 – 14. Great learning for the Juniors and excellent experience for all in a shallow end pool. This week we take on Devonport in Hengrove on the 28th .

Barbarians 14 - 11 Swindon

Thursday 21st march saw Barbarians welcome Swindon to Hengrove to play in the BWWPL Division 1 match. Barbarians always knew that it was going to be a tough, physical match, with the vast experience available to Swindon, yet still Barbarians took the opportunity to start some more Junior players in their journey into Senior Polo.


The game was close all the way through, with shots and goals being traded throughout the match. The first quarter saw Nathan open the account for Barbarians after only 25 seconds of the match, however, the equaliser came 40 second later. The quarter, which looked as if Barbarians were still asleep, finished 4 – 3, with goals scored by John and a pair by Chadders.


The second quarter was much the same, with Barbarians scoring 4 to Swindon’s 3 finishing the half with the score line at 8 – 6, Goals for Barbarians in this quarter coming from Jake, Nathan, Joe and Dylan. The third quarter saw Nathan score a hat trick in the quarter, with Charlie scoring Barbarians other goal, while Swindon put 5 past the keeper, to bring the score to 12 – 11 at the end of the quarter.


The final quarter was a fairly niggly, but quiet affair, with Barbarians scoring 2, Chadders and Nathan, and managing to keep Swindon out of the goal.


The final score was 14 – 11, which, whilst it is a win, it leaves Barbarians having a lot to reflect on and improve for future matches. Onwards and upwards.


Well done to Scott, Jonathan, Matija and Joe, all under 17’s, for their first match with Barbarians, good luck for the future, and enjoy the ride and experience as you learn about senior Polo.


Barbarians take on Weston, in Weston this Sunday, in what is going to be another tough game, with the added complication of a shallow end, which the Barbarians do not have a lot of experience in.

Barbarians 15 V 13 Cwm Draig

City of Bristol Barbarians took on Cwm Draig in their opening match of the BWWPL season at home last night. Barbarians are introducing 9 Juniors to senior polo this season and last night saw 4 of them taking to the water during the match, all survived.


The first quarter was an even affair, finishing at 4 goals each, Nathan and Joe both scoring 1 each, and Jack claiming a pair. The second quarter saw Barbarians start to pull away, with the half finishing at 10 – 6. Goals in this quarter were scored by Jake, Jack, Charlie, Joe and a pair for Nathan.


The third quarter saw both team trading goals, 2 goals each, both of Barbarians goals coming from Nathan. The quarter finished at 12 – 8.


At the start of the fourth quarter, Barbarians appeared to go to sleep, or rather, started to play as individuals, rather than the team they had been playing as for the previous 3 quarters, allowing Cwm Draig to claw their way back to level, at 12 – 12, after only just over 2 minutes the quarter played. A timeout allowed Barbarians to regroup and start to work together again, successfully defending the Man-Down situation they found themselves in. The rest of the final quarter saw Barbarians score 3 goals to Cwm Draig’s 1. Barbarians goals coming from Nathan and a pair from Joe, to see the match finish at 15 – 13.


This was a hard fought win, which saw four of the Juniors take part in their first game of senior polo. A good start to the season, with a lot to learn to move forward. However, there was also lots to take pride from.


Next Thursday Barbarians take on Swindon at home. This is likely to be a tough, physical match. Good luck to the Boys.