Swim England's Wavepower

"Wavepower" is the Swim England Child Protection Policy. as a Club we agree to abide by the codes and policies laid out in Wavepower and we expect all of our members, Officers, Volunteers, Coaches, Officials and Athlete's to abide by the policy and codes laid out in Wavepower.

Click on the image below to download Wavepower:


City of Bristol Welfare Plan

Marion Britton - City of Bristol and SW Region Welfare Officer

At City of Bristol Aquatics I'm supported by Assistant Welfare Officers in each discipline.  I'm also the Welfare Officer for Swim England SW Region and I'm available for help and advice whether its concerning a minor enquiry or something more serious.  Please feel you can talk to either myself or one of the Assistant Welfare Officers for your particular discipline.  All discussions are confidential and will only be reported if action needs to be taken to protect a child or vulnerable adult.  Child protection is everyone's responsibility.  Please let one of us know if you have any concerns.

The club ensures everyone with one to one access to our children has been DBS checked with the police and all teachers, coaches and team managers receive Safeguarding and Protecting Children training every 3 years.  The club has adopted the Swim England Wavepower document which can be viewed on the Swim England web site  and the club also has a Welfare Plan which can be viewed on the City of Bristol Aquatics web site.

Please contact me either by phone (0117 9770348 or mobile 0797 5713254) or email marion_britton@yahoo.co.uk

If you want to talk.  I'm always happy to listen.