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Matching Couple Rings are a great way to show your love.

Do you know what a promise ring actually is? This piece of jewelry represents the love and bond two people have. Different from the engagement or wedding rings, it can signify a milestone in the relationship between two people. It's the intimate and personal testimony of a bond or a relationship that is full of promise. It isn't necessary to wait until an occasion special to gift it to someone who means a lot to you. Find out who you could gift a a promise ring to and how to pick one.

What is a promise ring?

The promise ring has numerous symbols. We gift them to people who have made a difference in our lives, be it a spouse or a member of the family, or extremely close friends. They symbolize the commitment between two individuals who have a vision of a future together. They are also referred to as "pre-engagement rings". If you've chosen to wear it at the same time with your significant other you can talk about couple (or friendship) rings. Once worn, this ring is loaded with the most romantic emotions that your beloved will take with them everywhere. You can give this precious and unique piece of jewelry to someone you love, even if you're not married or engaged: family siblings, a brother, sister or a child friend...

Who should you promise a Ring to and when?

For men or women Promise rings are typically presented at special times in the relationship. These are the unique identifiers that mark a new stage in your relationship, an event that's unique, or a time spent with your loved ones, such as a birthday or vacation or a hurdle you have overcome together. Giving a promise ring to your beloved at the conclusion of a tough time is a different way to express your love in a new way. This eternal symbol and custom will strengthen your relationship. A promise ring given to mark the occasion of a baby's birth is a beautiful expression of love and dedication to one another. It symbolizes a deep connection between the couple who just had a baby without committing to an engagement or marriage.

What are the best ways to wear this ring?

This piece of jewelry can be worn daily. It's not a rule that you must wear your promise ring on the left finger with the ring. However, many people wear it. It can also be worn on your middle finger or around your neck as a pendant. It's essential to feel comfortable. Wear it on the same finger with your partner to attain harmony.

Choosing your promise ring

Choose the promise ring that you are going to present with care. Begin by determining the recipient's preferences. The promise ring could reflect her personality and style however it isn't necessary.

The promise ring design is usually more thin and subtle than an engagement ring or a wedding ring. The quality has to be high and you should choose silver or gold with a small stone for women.

The classic promise ring is typically simple and elegant, often constructed of silver or gold to symbolize a beautiful and lasting bond of love. If you wish to personalize your ring choose one engraved with special messages.

The promise ring made of gemstones is a fantastic option for those who love statement jewelry. Take into account the meaning of the stone: lapis luzuli for friendship, rose quartz to symbolize the softness of a tender and maternal love as well as ruby for love...

Simpler rings made from precious metal are a symbol of the purity of love. They look beautiful on both men and woman's hands.


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