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Zomato Merchant App: The Ultimate Guide for Restaurant Owners

Zomato Merchant App Download: A Guide for Restaurant Owners

If you are a restaurant owner who wants to grow your business online, you might have heard of Zomato. Zomato is one of the leading online food delivery and discovery platforms in India and many other countries. It connects millions of customers with thousands of restaurants across various cuisines, categories, and budgets.

zomato merchant app download

But did you know that Zomato also has a dedicated app for restaurant owners? It's called Zomato for Business, and it's a free app that allows you to manage your Zomato listing directly from your smartphone. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Zomato merchant app download, including its features, benefits, and how to use it.

Features of the Zomato for Business App

The Zomato for Business app puts the power in the hands of the business owner. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, it helps you get the most out of your Zomato listing. Here are some of the things you can do with the app:

Reply to reviews from customers

Get real-time notifications of new photos and reviews by your customers, and easily respond to them. You can also thank them for their positive feedback, address their complaints, or offer them incentives to visit again.

Listen to conversations with customers

Listen to received calls and return missed calls from the business day. You can also view the caller details, such as name, number, location, and order history. This way, you can improve your customer service and retention.

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Manage restaurant information

Update information for your listing in real time by editing photos, menus, hours, and more. You can also add or remove outlets, change your delivery radius, or update your contact details.

Add promos, deals, special menus, and events

Upload content to your listing that increases customer engagement. You can create attractive offers, such as discounts, coupons, combos, or loyalty programs. You can also showcase your special menus, such as seasonal dishes, festive meals, or daily specials. Moreover, you can promote events that you are hosting in your establishment, such as music performances, food festivals, or workshops.

View analytics and revenue

Feel the pulse of your business. See how your page is performing on Zomato, and how many users are looking at your restaurant. You can also track key metrics, such as ratings, reviews, impressions, clicks, calls, orders, and revenue. If you are signed up to receive online orders via Zomato, you can also see the order details, status, payment mode, and customer feedback.

Control whitelabel apps

If your business has a Zomato whitelabel app, you can edit the information displayed on it using Zomato for Business as a control centre. A whitelabel app is a customized app that has your own branding and design. It allows you to offer your customers a seamless ordering experience, without any commission or third-party interference. You can also send push notifications, collect feedback, and access analytics from your app.

Benefits of the Zomato for Business App

By downloading and using the Zomato for Business app, you can enjoy many benefits for your restaurant. Here are some of them:

Increase customer engagement and loyalty

By replying to reviews, listening to calls, and offering promos and deals, you can build a strong relationship with your customers. You can also show them that you care about their opinions and preferences, and that you are willing to improve your service. This way, you can increase customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Boost online presence and visibility

By managing your restaurant information, adding content, and controlling your whitelabel app, you can enhance your online presence and visibility. You can also attract more customers who are looking for restaurants like yours on Zomato. Moreover, you can increase your chances of ranking higher on Zomato's search results and recommendations.

Track business performance and growth

By viewing analytics and revenue, you can monitor your business performance and growth. You can also identify your strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions to optimize your operations. Furthermore, you can measure the return on investment (ROI) of your online marketing efforts on Zomato.

Save time and resources

By downloading and using the Zomato for Business app, you can save time and resources that you would otherwise spend on managing your Zomato listing manually or through other channels. You can also access all the features and functions of the app from anywhere and anytime, as long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone.

How to Download and Use the Zomato for Business App

If you are ready to download and use the Zomato for Business app, here are the steps you need to follow:

Claim your listing on Zomato

If you haven't already, you need to claim your listing on Zomato first. To do this, go to , enter your restaurant name or phone number, and follow the instructions. You will need to verify your ownership by providing some details, such as email address, phone number, GST number, or PAN number.

Download the app from Google Play or App Store

Once you have claimed your listing, you can download the Zomato for Business app from Google Play or App Store. The app is compatible with Android devices running version 4.4 or higher, and iOS devices running version 10.0 or higher. The app is free to download and use.

Login with your credentials

After downloading the app, open it and login with your credentials. You will need to enter the same email address and password that you used to claim your listing on Zomato. If you have multiple outlets, you can switch between them from the app.

Start managing your restaurant from your smartphone

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and used the Zomato for Business app. Now you can start managing your restaurant from your smartphone. You can access all the features of the app from the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen. You can also customize the app settings according to your preferences.


The Zomato for Business app is a must-have tool for restaurant owners who want to grow their business online. It allows you to manage your Zomato listing directly from your smartphone, with features such as replying to reviews, listening to calls, updating information, adding content, viewing analytics, controlling whitelabel apps, and more. By using the app, you can increase customer engagement and loyalty, boost online presence and visibility, track business performance and growth, and save time and resources.

If you are interested in downloading and using the Zomato for Business app, follow these steps:

  • Claim your listing on Zomato

  • Download the app from Google Play or App Store

  • Login with your credentials

  • Start managing your restaurant from your smartphone

Don't wait any longer. Download the Zomato for Business app today and take your restaurant business to the next level!


What are the requirements to use the Zomato for Business app?

To use the Zomato for Business app, you need to have a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system, an internet connection, and a verified Zomato listing. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of the app.

How much does it cost to use the Zomato for Business app?

The Zomato for Business app is free to download and use. However, if you want to access some premium features, such as online ordering, whitelabel apps, or sponsored ads, you may need to pay a subscription fee or a commission to Zomato. You can check the pricing details on the app or contact Zomato for more information.

How can I contact Zomato for support or feedback?

If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions regarding the Zomato for Business app, you can contact Zomato for support or feedback. You can either call them at 1800-120-2125, email them at re


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