Ladies Match Reports

COB ladies v’s Newton Abbot.


The ladies played the 3rd match of the season on Sunday morning at Hengrove against Newton Abbot. Certainly a familiar opponent with 3 of their 8 players all playing for COB in the British league. COB had a full team which shows the excellent growth of the ladies squad in recent months and the desire for the team to improve.


The 1st quarter started well with Anna scoring a good goal after a nice cross pass on counter attack. I should mention that it took her two attempts to put the ball in to an open goal, luckily scooping in the rebound after hitting the crossbar with the initial effort. Heather then equalised for NA with a good shot from 7 meters. Heather was excluded on the next defence and Anashe scored to make it COB 2, NA 1. The rest of the quarter saw both teams squander several extra player opportunities. The score remained 2-1.


A quick flurry of goals in the 2nd quarter saw NA equalise first before Anashe scored again to put COB in the lead, Heather then scored for NA. Several exclusions followed for both teams but again none were scored until Lucy scored a lob shot from the left handers wing to break the deadlock. This was quickly followed by a great counter attack goal from Nyxon to stretch COB’s lead to 5-3 at the end of the first half.


Diana started the 3rd quarter with her first goal before NA again pulled a goal back to remain 2 behind. NA then had their centre forward excluded. Unfortunately COB were once again unable to convert the extra player. Diana scored a cracking back hand shot a minute later to stretch the lead to 3. Heather scored to make the score 7-5. The NA team converted the extra player to make the score 7-6. Diana scored her 3rd of the quarter to extend the lead to 2, then Emily scored in the final seconds of the quarter to make the score 9-6.


Lucy scored early in the 4th and COB led by 4, seemingly killing off the game. NA scored again but this was cancelled out by another goal for Anashe. NA scored through some good centre forward play to make the score 11-8.  NA scored the resulting extra player situation to close the gap to 2. After a shot was missed by NA the rebound was picked up by the COB player. In the process of scrapping for the ball the COB player was adjudicated to have given away a penalty foul. Luckily this penalty was missed and COB ladies held out for an 11-9 victory.

CoB Ladies 8 v 6 Cheltenham.


The city of Bristol ladies played their 2nd match of this year’s campaign at home against Cheltenham. After a very close game against the Welsh Wanderers in Cardiff the team and coach were looking for a strong performance at home.


The game started excellently with the City of Bristol ladies dominating their young opponents from Cheltenham and ending the first quarter 3-0 winners with 2 goals from Emily and 1 from Anashe.


The 2nd quarter was much of the same with COB ladies dominating in 6 v 6 defence and scoring on counter attack or from 6 v 6 attacks when pressed. Goals from Sophie, Eleanor and a rare goal for the veteran player Paula Manning took the score to 6-1 at half time.


Paula who had played for Bristol in division 1 of the BWPL until 2012, showing that she still has the skills to compete with the youngsters by scoring a great left handed shot from centre forward. A rare appearance in the pool these days as usually Paula is officiating on the table.


The 3rd period started in the same manner when Anashe scored again to make it 7-1. The only thing that wasn’t going well was the major foul count. Somehow despite dominating the game COB had managed to have 7 fouls against us to Cheltenham’s 1. It was from some of these extra player opportunities that Cheltenham found a way back into the game. Scoring 3 goals in a row to bring the score back to 7-4.


Craig asked the ladies to drive more to draw fouls in attack but both tiredness and momentum were against the team at this stage. Cheltenham scored twice more to bring the game back to 7-6 and suddenly we were struggling to keep the ball in attack without turn over fouls on the drive.


The ladies continued to work hard driving in attack and eventually were rewarded with 3 late exclusion fouls giving the team a much-needed opportunity to put pressure back on our opponents. Emily Scored another goal to take the score to 8-6 which seemed to destroy the spirit of the young Cheltenham team. COB ladies comfortable held on to a 2 goal advantage for the final few minutes.


We now have a long break until our next game in July.

COB Ladies 8 - 10 Welsh Wanderers

The ladies BWWPL season opened with an away fixture at Welsh Wanderers, traditionally a tough place for our ladies to play, even more so this time as we were playing without Poppy our GK and Anashe, two of our British league star players.


Anna and Eleanor 'volunteered' to share the goalkeeping duties. Lucy scored the first goal of the season with a fantastic near post bounce shot to convert our first extra player situation. We traded goals for the rest of first half and neither team were able to gain an advantage for more than a couple of minutes.


A great team ethic in defence and lots of hard work meant that both teams were still level with just a few minutes to go in the fourth period. Harriet had dominated defensively until picking up 3 exclusions in 3 consecutive defences. Anna (when not in goal) and Emily were always a threat in attack. Nyxon, Eleanor and Kiera worked extremely well both in attack and defence, often against much more experienced players. Lou, Lucy and Sophie continued to drive the attack forward and looked dangerous on the counter attack.


Sophie produced the goal of the game with a fantastic backhand from the wing that flew into the top corner before the Welsh GK even reacted. Unfortunately even this wasn't quite enough as eventually our 9 players ran out of steam. The Welsh girls scoring 2 unanswered goals in the final minutes to win 10-8.


Overall it was a great start to the season that showed the experience our team has gained in their successful British League campaigns.

COB Ladies 15 - 11 Mid Sussex Marlins

9th February saw the Ladies National League squad play Mid Sussex Marlins, the result was a Win for the Ladies, full match report to follow

COB Ladies 7 - 7 Tyldesley

10th February saw the Ladies National League squad play Tydlesley, the result was a Draw for the Ladies, full match report to follow