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Newton Abbot 4 - 14 City of Bristol 1sts


City of Bristol Men travelled to Teignmouth on Saturday to take on Newton Abbot in the BWWPL Premier Division. This was an eagerly anticipated match, with Newton Abbot standing second in the Premier Division and coming off the back of two wins for NA, against Exeter and Newport.


The match opened with NA winning the swim off and converting their first attack within 25 seconds. But, CoB countered from the restart, and Brown scored 7 seconds later. CoB were able to regain the ball after NA’s restart, and Newman scored from the counter. Brown and Tod (Jack) received majors, but CoB were able to weather the Man-Down storm. Tommy Whiting drove through to score NA’s next goal, but again, Brown countered to edge CoB back into the lead. Cody Plumridge scored the next one for NA, but again CoB drew ahead through a Newman counter-attack. Coles scored the next one for CoB, quickly followed by Morley, to see CoB in the lead at the end of the 1st quarter 3 – 6.


CoB’s usual 1st team keeper, Lara, was missing today, foolishly taking holiday on a match day, however, he was ably replaced by Dorrington and Ford, seeing if they can edge a place onto the 1st team roster. Dorrington looked after the goals in the first half, Ford the second, both looking to prove themselves.


The second quarter was a fairly even affair, with both sides strong in defence, with Dorrington stopping shots left, right and centre. Sissons took control in the pit and scored two well executed goals, before Whiting (T) was able to pull one back for NA, just sneaking the ball past Dorrington. Coles scored the next one before both sides defending the quarter out. 4 – 9 at half time.


Dorrington gave way to Ford in the CoB goal for the second half. The third quarter was a fairly quiet affair, with goals from CoB’s Coles, Hilliard and a pair from Brown. The CoB defence stood the tests thrown at them, and stopped NA from scoring throughout the quarter. Tensions were mounting, and NA were throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the CoB goal. Chatter within the pool was starting to mount, and everyone knew that it would not be long before the cards, as well as teddy bears got thrown around.


The first one came, when a particularly noisy assistant coach Tod Junior (Archie) showed dissent, and got the head coach Tod (fatter) a yellow card. Tod Junior was last seen walking off with his head down, towards his mother. Not sure if, seen from behind, his shoulders were shaking from crying or laughter, having just got a card for his Dad.


The final quarter opened with the scoreline of 4 – 13. CoB were able to get their juniors wet, Sullivan and Davis having made the trip with the seniors. Davis showed that he was worth his berth, by scoring the opening goal of the quarter. Shortly after this Hilliard found himself on the wrong end of a discussion, and was asked to leave the pool, this was followed by Sissons, who was also asked to stop swimming and find his towel.


The remaining 5 minutes of the quarter saw NA score a penalty and 3 unanswered goals, to bring the final score to a respectable 8 – 14, some valuable time for the juniors and a good shake out for the seniors, at the seaside, before the summer break. Davis and Sullivan stood up to their first 1st team game well, looking good for the future of the Club. We look forward to seeing Newton Abbot in Bristol soon.

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