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Ladies return to competition!

The ladies team returned this afternoon to competition after what has been a really long time. With a team of nine they traveled to Sheffield, their opposition would be a full squad of Liverpool Liver Birds.

The first half of the game intense and both teams remained close, the score at half time was a tight 3-4. The third quarter became an explosion in gameplay and goalscoring. Two goals each by E.Watkins and P. Teggi in the quarter helped the girls match Liverpool. The opposition seemed to involve more of its players as the game progressed and started to gain strength in numbers, but our girls stayed solid and held on with great skill. The score going into the final quarter was tied at 9 goals each side.

The final quarter was one that must have put goosebumps after such a long time without any competition. With less than six minutes to go, Bristol took the lead but Liverpool hit back and equalised. Once again, we took the lead and with 4:28 left the score was 11-10. Sadly, in the next attack Liverpool managed to equalise yet again. With only 2 minutes to go, Liverpool managed to find one more goal and took the lead. Bristol had one final chance, an extra player opportunity in their next attack... Sadly it wasn't to be in their first game back and the final score was 11-13 to Liverpool.

Tomorrow the team will take on Sheffield Stingrays and will look to take some points from their first weekend in National League. Stay tuned for updates at the BWPL website.

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