Quin's Match Reports

Harlequins 13 - 6 Bath University

Last night saw the clash of two titans as CoB Harlequins took on Bath University at their home pool of Bristol South. The two had already played earlier in the season with Bath winning 10-6. However, Harlequins, after coming off a 13-10 win last week, were raring to go.


The game got off to a fast start, with Harlequins Dan King scoring the scoring the first goal only 50 seconds into the match. Harlequins then continued on with the momentum, Dave Easdale scoring a second goal from the top of the arc 3 minutes into the quarter. Bath however reacted quickly, reorganising and firing back two quick goals to draw it 2-2. With only a minute left of the quarter a penalty was awarded to Harlequins. The penalty hit the bar however a quick pass to Dan and the ball was in the back of the net, ending the quarter 3-2.


Bath began the second quarter quickly, scoring a goal to equalise it just 40 seconds in. Harlequins then proceeded to rampage, slotting three more goals past Bath thanks to Yannis, Bard Coleman and Dan. Bath then manged to crawl one back due to an exclusion but it did nothing to stop Harlequins momentum as Dan fired in another rocket from the top of the arc to end the quarter 7-4.


Harlequins started the 3rd quarter with a quick goal once again from Dan, followed by a goal from Jack Booth. However, Bath fired back just a minute later making it 9-5. Harlequins then seemed to step off the gas, allowing Bath two one on ones. However, a near post save and a lob save by the goalkeeper, Sam Dorrington, left Bath looking disappointed and disheartened. This led to frustration from Bath which led to their number 3 being wrapped for misconduct. Yannis converted the penalty that was given due to this, ending the quarter 10-5.


The 4th quarter started quickly, with Bath’s twelve being wrapped due to three majors and then proceeding to sprout profanities at both the referees and the table. Bath then seemed to calm down, scoring a sixth of the game. They then continued to press the attack, having multiple man ups. However, continually good defend and some brilliant saves from Sam meant that they were unable to score in the shallow end fortress for the rest of the quarter. Harlequins on the other hand continued to fire them home. Brad Coleman and Chris Nash both added themselves to the score sheet. With only a minute left of the game a penalty was awarded Bath due to standing. Sam stood tall in the net and as the ball was fired at him he made himself as big as possible, smashing the ball out of the pool and into the spectator stands. Bath were now physically and morally shattered, having fully given up. Due to this Luke Bray was able to score an easy tap in with the last throw of the game, ending it 13-6 to Harlequins.


Man of the match goes to Dan King for slotting away 5 lovely goals as well as giving away 3 majors and getting the red flag.

Students win against Harlequins


In a scrappy match at the sports village of the University of Bath, which saw three players wrapped up by the officials, one for brutality and two exclusion misconducts, the University of Bath notched up their second victory in this year’s competition in Division 2.

The visitors, City of Bristol Harlequins, were missing their students from the University of the West of England, kept in touch in the opening quarter after Bath netted first past Sam Dorrington in goal for Harlequins, through Guilio Sartorello from Italy. But the visitors took the lead after Richard Ratcliffe scored, and Dan King got a second to take them to 1-2.

However, this was short lived as Sartorello, who is also playing for Cheltenham, finally found the target for the second time after several wild shots, and scored, followed by a goal from Luke Davies, which took Bath ahead 3-2.

Tempers flared in the second period, and despite Adam Williams scoring to put them 4-2 in front, Rhys Adams committed an act of dangerous play which resulted in him being excluded for misconduct, which unsettled the students and let Harlequins back into the match through goals from Andy Phillpotts to bring it back to 4-3.

Riordan Barry, whilst attacking the Harlequins end, committed and alleged act of brutality, right on the final whistle of the period. He was excluded for the remainder of the match, and the resulting penalty was scored by Dan King to level at 4-all at the half-way stage.

The students now faced four minutes a man down, but they still managed to score after Vittorio Zoldan broke out to score a fine solo effort to regain the lead for the home side.

Williams netted a further two goals for Bath in the period they were a man down, whilst Harlequins failed with all their shots, and by the time both teams were back to equal numbers, Bath had stormed 7-4 in front, and a further goal from Davies meant they ended the third period 8-4 in front.

In the final period both teams could only manage two goals apiece, Bath’s coming from Williams and Zoldan, whilst both of Harlequin’s goals came from Jamie Boxshall.