U17 NAGs Match Reports

U17's V Nova Centurion

We knew that this was going to be a tough match, having lost to Nova 6 - 1 in the Prelims, but the boys had put in some good work in between the two rounds, and so we were fairly confident as we started the match.

It turned out that Nova had also been working hard in between the Rounds.

The boys worked hard in the first quarter, with Joe scoring the first goal of the match, but Nova pressed hard and dominated us for the majority of the rest of the quarter, scoring 5 goals. Bristol were able to add to their tally just before the end of the Quarter when Matija scored.

The second quarter was fairly similar to the first, with Nova extending their lead by another 5 goals, to only 1 scored by Scott for Bristol.

Jack gave a great team talk in the half time break, which really lifted the spirits of the boys as the started the second half. this quarter belonged to Bristol, scoring 5, 3 by Matija and 2 from Wills, against Nova's 2.

the final quarter was poised to be very exciting, the score starting at 8 - 12, but the last quarter had taken it out of the boys, and they were only able to score once more, through Henry, in reply to Nova's 3.

Final score, Bristol 9 - 15 Nova.

U17's V City of Manchester

The second match of the day saw City of Bristol take on City of Manchester, who were seeded into the tournament after winning the Cup last year.

Bristol stuck to it throughout the match, but the difference in the aggressive, physical style of Manchester and our boys was very marked.

Josh and Wills both scored 2 each, and Matija scored a 5th, but it was not enough to compete with Manchester's 22 goals throughout the match.

Major learning points, which I am sure will be worked on in the future.

U17's V Beckenham

After a nights rest, a discussion with the Coach and a realisation that there was now no chance of qualifying, this match was a pride match, with the Boys playing to show what they can do.


I have to say that there was a real change in the boys performance from the day before, and greater effort, determination and physicality  was on display in this match.

The result was a 10 - 10 draw, with goals from Wills, Scott, Matija and Hanry, with pairs from Josh, Jonny and Ben.

A lot of pride was displayed by all in the water, and they did the Club, their Coaches and Parents proud.

well done to the whole squad, a tough two days, but a lot learnt. Onwards and upwards.

COB U17 NAGs round 1.jpg

U17's V Cwm Draig

The opening match for City of Bristol in this years Under 17 National Age Group Tournament was against Cwm Draig, which is the Regional Representative side for the whole of Wales.


The match started well, with Scott scoring only 13 seconds after the first whistle. Within another 4 minutes the Bristol Boys were 6 goals up, with goals from Matija, Ben, Jonathan, Josh and another from Scott.


By half time the boys were well in command, with an 11 – 0 lead. The extra goals from Joe, Henry, followed by Wills scoring a hat trick in less than a minute to finish the half.


At the start of the second half, it was obvious that the boys had relaxed and dropped the ruthless killer streak allowing Cwm Draig to score 2 goals, in return for another 5 from the Bristol Boys. The second half finished at 16 – 2, with goals from Matija, Johny, Scott claiming another to gain his hat trick and Henry scoring a pair to also get a hat trick for the match.


All in all, a good start for the boys, lets hope they are not too relaxed and over confident for the next match.

U17's V Nova Centurion

The second match of the day saw the Bristol Boys pitched against Nova Centurion.


The match started with the boys in far too relaxed a state of mind following the recent win against Cwm Draig, which resulted in 3 unanswered goals by Nova in the first 4 minutes.


Coach Jack had a stern chat with the boys at this point, which saw the team start to pull together and allowed Bristol to keep Nova off the score card for the rest of the first half. Half time, 0 – 3 down.


Another strong talk from Jack at half time, saw the boys pick their heads up and start the second half with new determination.


Nova, however, are a strong team, who are well drilled, and were able to keep our attacks mostly under control, whilst scoring themselves.


The second half finished with 1 goal to Bristol scored by Josh, but 3 more goals to Nova.

A great display of keeping by Alex allowed Bristol to remain in contention.


Final score, Nova 6 – Bristol 1.   

U17's V Caledonia

Bristol’s third match was against Caledonia, the Scottish regional team.


This was always going to be a tough match, with true Scottish determination on show from the start, indeed, Caledonia opened the scoring after just 45 seconds of the match.


Shortly after this, one of the Caledonia players was excluded and Bristol were able to convert the resultant man-up into a score, by Josh, after some great Arc passing from the team.


Another man-up to Bristol resulted on Joe scoring, again after some determined inter-play from the Bristol Boys.


Bristol gained another man-up, but this time, Scott took a snap shot, and scored.


Johny scored a great goal in open play 30 seconds from halftime.


However, Caledonia had the last word in the first half, scoring 8 second from the whistle.


Halftime, Bristol 4 – Caledonia 2.


The first 2 minutes of the second half saw both teams trade goals, Ben scoring for Bristol.


The boys then stretched their lead with goals from Jonathan, Matija, Henry and a second from Joe, in reply to which Caledonia only managed another 2 scores.


Final score Bristol 9 – Caledonia 5

U17's V City of Sheffield

Bristol’s final match was against City of Sheffield, who had also beaten Cwm Draig and Caledonia earlier in the day, so all knew it was going to be a tough challenge.


Sheffield opened the scoring in the first minute with Bristol replying just over a minute later when Joe scored a great goal. The next few minutes saw the boys from both sides working hard to move the ball, with lots of interceptions and steals, resulting in it taking another 2 minutes before Sheffield scored again.


The final 3 minutes of the half saw no score from either team, meaning that at halftime the score was Bristol 1 – Sheffield 2.


The second half was fairly similar, all in all a very close game, with both teams working extremely had given that this was the forth game of the day for both sides.


Josh was outstanding in the second half, scoring a hat trick, and Ben was also able to score. However, Sheffield put 5 goals past us, leaving the score at Sheffield 7 – Bristol 5 at the full-time whistle.


All in all, a great effort from the Bristol U17’s to see them through to the Cup Qualification round, comfortably avoiding being dropped into the Plate Competition. The next round will be played in Northampton in March.


Finally, thank you to Jack and Charlie for the effort you put in Coaching the team throughout the day.