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City Racing 3D: The Best Free Physics 3D Car Racing Game Ever

City Racing 3D: A Review of the Best 3D Car Racing Game

If you are looking for a thrilling and realistic car racing game, you should try City Racing 3D. This is a free racing video game that lets you cruise through beautiful cityscapes with stunning 3D graphics and responsive vehicle physics. You can race against other players online or offline, upgrade and customize your cars, and explore various tracks around the world. In this article, we will review the features, pros and cons, and tips and tricks of City Racing 3D.

city racing 3d

What is City Racing 3D?

City Racing 3D is a 3D car racing game developed by Feamber. It is available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. The game boasts of being the #1 free physics 3D car racing game proudly presented. It offers fast driving experience to a whole new level with incredible slim size and WiFi multiplayer racing mode. You can race the traffic, be the king of street racing, and compete with real cars, real tracks, and real traffic.

Features of City Racing 3D

City Racing 3D has many features that make it an exciting and addictive game. Here are some of them:

Realistic physics and graphics

The game has amazing 3D models for its cars and explorable maps. The graphics are stunning and detailed, giving you a realistic feel of driving in different cities. The game also has smooth and responsive vehicle physics, allowing you to control your car easily and perform epic drift stunts. You can also adjust the camera angle to suit your preference.

Various game modes and tracks

The game has four game modes to choose from: Classic, Elimination, One-on-One, and Test Drive. Classic mode is where you race against other players or AI in a fixed number of laps. Elimination mode is where you have to avoid being the last one in each lap or you will be eliminated. One-on-One mode is where you challenge another player or AI in a head-to-head race. Test Drive mode is where you practice your skills without any opponents or time limit.

The game also has many tracks to explore in different cities around the world. You can race in Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Chengdu, Arizona, and more. Each track has its own challenges and scenery that will test your driving abilities.

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Car upgrades and customization

The game allows you to collect different cars with different builds and performance. You can upgrade your car's engine, turbo, tires, suspension, brakes, weight reduction, nitro capacity, nitro power, nitro duration, nitro cooldown, drift control, steering sensitivity, stability control, traction control, gearbox ratio, final drive ratio. You can also customize your car's color, paint, sticker. Upgrading and customizing your car will help you improve your speed, handling, acceleration, braking, drifting, stability.

WiFi multiplayer racing

  • The game supports WiFi multiplayer racing mode where you can race with up to six players in real-time. You can create or join a WiFi room and invite your friends or strangers to join the race. You can also chat with other players in the room before or after the race. WiFi multiplayer racing mode is a fun way to challenge yourself and others in Use the space bar or the mouse to brake your car.

  • Use the Z or X keys or the mouse to activate nitro or drift.

  • Try to avoid crashing into other cars, walls, or obstacles.

  • Try to overtake your opponents and reach the finish line first.

Tips and tricks for City Racing 3D

If you want to improve your skills and performance in City Racing 3D, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow:

Use nitro and drift wisely

Nitro and drift are two important features that can help you boost your speed and handling. However, they also consume your nitro gauge and tire durability. Therefore, you should use them wisely and strategically. For example, you can use nitro when you are on a straight road or when you need to catch up with your opponents. You can use drift when you are on a curve or when you need to avoid a collision. You can also use drift to fill up your nitro gauge faster.

Collect coins and diamonds

Coins and diamonds are the main currencies in City Racing 3D. You can use them to buy new cars, upgrade your existing cars, or unlock new tracks. You can collect coins and diamonds by racing, completing daily tasks, opening chests, watching ads, or buying them with real money. You should try to collect as many coins and diamonds as possible to enhance your game experience.

Watch ads for rewards

Watching ads is another way to earn coins, diamonds, chests, or other rewards in City Racing 3D. You can watch ads after finishing a race, opening a chest, or claiming a reward. You can also watch ads voluntarily by tapping on the video icon on the main screen. Watching ads can help you get more resources and items without spending any money. However, if you find the ads annoying or distracting, you can also skip them or remove them by paying a small fee.


City Racing 3D is a fun and exciting 3D car racing game that lets you enjoy the thrill of driving in different cities around the world. You can race against other players online or offline, upgrade and customize your cars, and explore various tracks and modes. The game has realistic physics and graphics, simple and intuitive controls, and a lot of content and variety. The game also has some drawbacks, such as ads, bugs, unfairness, and repetitiveness. However, these can be overlooked or fixed by following some tips and tricks. Overall, City Racing 3D is a great game for car racing enthusiasts who want to experience a fast and furious car racing game on their PC.


  • Q: How do I unlock new cars in City Racing 3D?

  • A: You can unlock new cars by buying them with coins or diamonds in the garage. You can also unlock some cars by completing certain achievements or tasks.

  • Q: How do I upgrade my car in City Racing 3D?

  • A: You can upgrade your car by spending coins or diamonds on different parts in the garage. You can also upgrade your car by using upgrade cards that you can get from chests or rewards.

  • Q: How do I join a WiFi multiplayer racing room in City Racing 3D?

  • A: You can join a WiFi multiplayer racing room by tapping on the WiFi icon on the main screen. You can then choose to create a room or join an existing room. You can also invite your friends or strangers to join your room by sharing the room code.

  • Q: How do I change the language of City Racing 3D?

  • A: You can change the language of City Racing 3D by tapping on the settings icon on the main screen. You can then choose from English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

  • Q: How do I contact the developer of City Racing 3D?

A: You can contact the developer of City Racing 3D by sending an email to You can also visit their website ( or follow their Facebook page (

: [City Racing 3D - Apps on Google Play] : [City Racing 3D - Download]


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